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      Contact Us
      Tangshan Jichuan Pharmaceutical Factory Likang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
      Add: Linxihe Xilixi, Guye District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China
      Post code: 063103
      Tel: +86-315-3562753
      Fax: +86-315-3568827
      About Us

         Tangshan Jichuan Pharmaceutical Factory Likang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is situated in Tangshan, the beautiful Phoenix city in Bohai Gulf center.

        Tangshan is a coastal prosper city in the center of Bohai Gulf (the south is the famous Tangshan Gulf), with Bohai in the south, Yanshan in the north, Qinghuangdao in the east, Beijing and Tianjin in the west, it is the key passage connecting North China and Northeast China. Tanshan is the economic center of Hebei Province, and it is one of the most promising cities in future. The city has the trading relations with more than 170 countries in the world, thus it is referred to as 'Northern Shenzhen'.

        Tangshan Jichuan Pharmaceutical Factory Likang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. covers 66,000sqm with the building area of 13,000sqm. It is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise established based on GMP requirements. The company mainly engages in the production of tables, capsule, ointment, granula, solution and other 8 formulations and 75 varieties. 'Likang Liquor' is the new special drug developed by Jichuan Pharmaceutical and has won the gold prize in the international trade technology expo, 'Lefu Liquor' has won the national popular medicine patient satisfaction prize. Our product network spreads all over the country, and our company is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers of the 500 companies in China, and we are the medium-sized social welfare enterprise in Tangshan City. The factory has scenic environment and it is a landscape type ecological factory.

        We manage the enterprise by the scientific development perspective, our operation range is widening and our product network covers the whole country. The company has been successively awarded the 'star enterprise', safety production 'advanced unit'.

        The president has won the honors such as: outstanding young entrepreneur in Tangshan City, excellent enterprise manager, etc.

        Our development strategy: To strengthen the chemical pharmaceutical industry, to develop the biopharmaceutical industry and to form the industrial scale.






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